Norman Saville


Admitted June 1966, LLB

Norman Saville qualified as a solicitor in June 1966 so he is an elder statesman, with considerable experience in many fields. After fourteen years as a partner in a Holborn practice, Norman formed his own firm and developed it over the next thirty years, eventually specialising in wills & probate.

In March 2010 Norman moved on to his next venture which was to join Cramer Pelmont as a consultant and then partner.

Many of Norman’s clients have been with him for a long time: Norman often acts in addition for their children and grandchildren, who appreciate his experience, wisdom and specialised knowledge. Norman works with the Cavendish Legal Group full time and deals with all problems with speed and efficiency (including the more difficult problems).

Norman is keen to ensure that all clients have a will, even if it is a relatively simple one. Putting off making a will can only lead to problems for the family, including problems relating to inheritance tax.