Dear Valued Clients

We are pleased to announce that at close of business on 28th February 2020 Cavendish Legal Group Limited (SRA No. 533507) will be merging with O’Neill Patient Solicitors LLP (SRA No. 449172).

This is an exciting time for us as with a combination of the customer care and speed of processing that is offered by Cavendish Legal Group, combined with the technology and processes that are offered by O’Neil Patient, we anticipate our combined businesses will deliver a market leading conveyancing service.

All legal activity within Cavendish Legal Group Ltd will be transferring over to O’Neill Patient Solicitors LLP, however, Cavendish Legal Group will continue as a trading name under the regulated entity SRA (449172). We do not anticipate that the merger will impact upon the services provided to you. All client matters will continue to be serviced by the same people, from the same branch address. All our contact details, such as telephone and fax numbers, and email addresses, will remain unchanged.. All client money, files, deeds and documents previously held by Cavendish Legal Group Ltd will now be held by O’Neill Patient Solicitors LLP trading as Cavendish Legal Group. Please note that our Bank Account and Sort Code numbers will not change.

Alexis Brassey
Managing Partner