Cavendish Legal Group is committed to combatting Cyber Crime and protecting the interests of our clients and the community as a whole against cybercriminals. This is why we are taking all necessary steps to ensure that we are “Cyber Safe” as certified by independent analysts and continue to monitor our systems to ensure that we are secure against the possibility of a cyber-attack.

But it is not just the security of our own systems that we need to continually monitor. We also need to ensure that the people we work with are who they say they are. That is why we carry out an electronic verification of all our clients and other Lawyer’s identity and more importantly independent verification of all bank account details given to us by clients and third parties.

Vendor fraud is on the increase. To combat this increasing threat we apologise to the honest Vendors who instruct us but we will take additional steps to ensure that the person who instructs us is actually the owner of the property and not someone attempting to impersonate the rightful owner. This could involve you in providing substantial historical documentation linking you to the property you are selling.