Aaliyah Martin

Aaliyah graduated from Hertfordshire University in 2005 and completed the Legal Practice Course at College of Law, London. She then started her career with GTC Law, qualifying as a solicitor in July 2009. During her training contract, Aaliyah worked on Home Information packs and the government’s newly launched first-time buyers scheme. Aaliyah showed exceptional abilities in dealing with clients and ensuring they were clear on all aspects of transactions, which generated high levels of customer satisfaction. Client referrals led to growth in the department, and Aaliyah demonstrated how well she could formalize her processes to ensure clients still benefited from one-to-one attention while maximising the value benefits of scale. Aaliyah was invited to become Partner in April 2014.

Aaliyah has formidable knowledge in all aspects of property law. Her academic strength is coupled with significant experience in the practical application of property law, helping people to buy using schemes such as Metropolitan My Choice Home Buy Scheme and Home Buy Direct. These schemes play a vital role in helping first-time buyers on to the property ladder. A crucial factor of success for first-time buyers is whether their transaction proceeds quickly enough, due to certain time constraints. Aaliyah is noted for being able to meet these strict deadlines. She also deals with new build, shared ownership, key worker initiatives, staircasing, re-payment of equity loans, lease extensions, and re-sale files.

Aaliyah oversees a team of three, including two trainees and a paralegal.  Aaliyah has worked with many trainees within CLG Law and really enjoys this aspect of her job. Being able to pass on the knowledge that she has developed over the last 10 years brings a different dimension to Aaliyah’s role.